Atamira Dance Company

Atamira Dance Company

29th August, 2024 (Thu) 7:30pm


Atamira Dance Company uplifts the voices of acclaimed choreographers and long-time collaborators, Bianca Hyslop and Eddie Elliott, in the double bill KA MUA KA MURI. Relating to Māori perspectives of time where the past, present and the future are intertwined, this collaboration offers a holistic view of the continuum of cultural identity.
Remain by Eddie Elliott (Ngāti Maniapoto) explores the continuity and vitality of whakapapa, tikanga, and a deep connection to Tūpuna, emphasising the importance of preserving these cultural foundations to honour the past, understand the present, and shape a promising future for rangatahi.
Whakamaheahea by Bianca Hyslop (Te Arawa) showcases urban Māori experiences by transcending loss-based narratives, embracing multifaceted identities that encompass divine, ancestral, and human elements, and weaving stories of empowerment, transformation, and resilience to inspire a brighter collective future.
Experience a transformative hour of Māori Contemporary Dance where tradition collides with innovation, and past, present, and future converge on stage.


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