Hire Information

Clarence St Theatre is the only proscenium arch lyric theatre in Hamilton and is independently owned by Clarence Street Theatre Trust. Our focus at Clarence St Theatre is to ensure our patrons, users and hirers all have a positive experience.

Any user is invited to apply to hire Clarence St Theatre. Full details of the event must be received before contracting or confirming the booking.


Fees vary with each event depending on your requirements. Please contact us so we are able to quote according to your event and your specific requirements.


Standard seating mode (theatre mode) has a capacity of 550 (406 stalls, 144 balcony)

Table seating (Restaurant/cabaret mode) has a capacity of 404 (260 stalls, 144 balcony) each table sits 8 people 

Standing only (standing mode) can have a capacity up to 900. This includes the balcony area.

Strict occupancy limits will apply.


Dates are pencil booked for clients with no obligation on a first in first served basis. Should another client request the same date, you will be contacted to either confirm or release your pencil booking within a given time frame. Clarence St Theatre has a programming policy, please see below. 


After dates have been confirmed at the hirers request, the hirer will be sent a venue hire agreement for signing. The signed contract will be countersigned and a 25% deposit of the total estimated venue hire must be received to secure the booking.


Cancellation fees will apply for cancellation of bookings after the contract is countersigned. The venue hire deposit will be forfeit and full venue hire costs may still be charged dependent on the time frames of the cancellation.


A Certificate of Currency for Public Liability Insurance (minimum $5,000,000) covering the period of hire must be provided before the commencement of the hire. Non-commercial hirers may obtain cover through Council’s Hall Hirers insurance policy for a small daily fee.


The theatre will supply an Experience Manager, a Safety Supervisor and Ushers for your event. These will be charged additional to your venue hire.


The venue comes with a limited standard technical equipment allocation. If the hirer requires any extra lighting, audio and/or AV equipment that is not already included with the venue, we can arrange for this to be hired from our preferred supplier – ACLX 


Clarence St Theatre has an in-house venue technician onsite. Additional technical team can be provided by ACLX. Additional technicians/crew can be rostered onto your event as required.

Our in-house venue technician is required to be present at the venue during your hire unless otherwise agreed upon by the General Manager. 

In discussion with the hirer we will ensure crew numbers are sufficient to undertake the work required and that all crew are of a suitable standard to undertake work in the venue.


If requested, security guards can be supplied for events. This will be charged additional to your venue hire.

Clarence St Theatre reserves the right (in consultation with the hirer) to employ security guards for specific events if deemed necessary. All associated charges will be payable by the hirer. Please contact the theatre for current fees and charges.


We can accommodate hospitality riders should you request one. This service is charged additional to your venue hire. Please note this service is limited to providing drinks only. We do not provide food and we do not provide any alcoholic spirits.


If the hirer has or intends to obtain sponsorship for the production, they must ensure the arrangements do not conflict with any contract or sponsorship arrangements made by Clarence St Theatre. We recommend you discuss this with theatre management as early as possible.


Music is protected by copyright law and the hirer will be required to obtain a licence from the Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA) to publicly perform either live or recorded music. For more information, contact APRA on 0800 69 2772 (0800 NZ APRA) 

or visit:


Prior approval must be sought before any filming or photography can take place at the venue. Extra charges may apply if performances are filmed for commercial purposes and specific credits will be required. The hirer must advise Clarence St Theatre before tickets go on sale if this option requires seats to be held off sale.




Access to the venue is provided at pre-arranged times on the day/s of hire. Access to our theatre is via the Pak’n’Save entrance on Clarence St. We will require the number plate in advance of the vehicle you wish to park up at our theatre for the day so that we are able to register it with the Pak’n’Save Smart Parking ticketing system in order to avoid any ticketing fees.  


Clarence St Theatre is committed to providing a safe environment for our patrons, clients and staff. A safety induction is provided on first access to the venue. The site induction process provides information on the Theatres’ emergency and evacuation procedures.

All hazards and risks must be identified and planned for; some may require licensing such as pyrotechnics. Under the HSNO Act, all pyrotechnics displays/effects are required to be under the control and execution of an approved handler who will be required to plan, obtain all necessary approvals, purchase and fire all pyrotechnics including naked flame effects. Any flexible fabrics used on stage and props must be flame-retarded. If not purchased as such, they can be flame-retarded by applying spray-on fire retardant as a pre made mixture. Our technical  team can facilitate this for you if required.

We use the Guide for Safe Working Practice in the NZ Theatre and Entertainment industry. All rigging plans must comply with venue equipment loadings and be approved before commencement.

You will be provided with a copy of our Health and Safety guidelines as well as our Hazard Register, it is strongly advised that you read over these before entering the venue. 


Clarence St Theatre has wheelchair accessibility. Allocated wheelchair seats are available in the auditorium on level 1. Side entry door to the auditorium provides access for visitors to the wheelchair accessible seating area in the venue. Our restrooms in the foyer are wheelchair accessible 

Stage level is not wheelchair accessible from outside. Access to stage from the auditorium can be provided via an externally sourced ramp. Please refer to the entry/exit map on our website under the ‘Accessibility’ tab 


The delivery of any items must be organised through the event supervisor. Deliveries must be clearly labelled to: 

Name: Person or event it is applicable to 

Clarence St Theatre

69 Clarence Street

Hamilton 3240

Ph: 07 834 1023 

Clarence St Theatre does not accept responsibility for damage or loss of merchandise or goods left on the premises prior to, during or after the event.


Clarence St Theatre does have space available for storage should you require it for your event. Talk to the Technical Operations Coordinator to ensure it is available


In line with Government Health Regulations, Clarence St Theatre is a smoke-free and vape free environment.

Clarence St Theatre reserves the right to refuse entry or eject intoxicated patrons.


The hirer is responsible for removing any extra waste arising from the production during the period of hire. Extra costs may be charged to the hirer if extra cleaning is required to reinstate the venue to a satisfactory condition. Clarence St Theatre has an environmental management strategy and a recycling policy.


Clarence St Theatre reserves the right to exercise control of sound pressure levels within any part of the venue. Maximum sound pressure levels are pre-determined and details of the maximum sound pressure levels are available from the assigned Production Manager.


The Clarence St Theatre is equipped with a loop system that enhances the listening experience of patrons with hearing impairments.


Clarence St Theatre operate bar and refreshment services prior and during all public events at the Theatre. Patrons are permitted to take alcohol into the theatre space. No alcohol is permitted to be brought onsite or taken offsite as it is a breach of Clarence St Theatre’s alcohol licence. Please note our licenced designated areas in the theatre are: the stalls, balcony, foyer, stage and dance studio only. Alcohol consumed or taken outside of these area’s is not permitted. 




All ticketing is to be managed by Ticketek NZ Ltd as our contracted venue partner including door sales. Fees and Charges apply and can be obtained on request. A New Event Notification [NEN] must be completed by the hirer in full.


No event will go on sale until the venue  has received a signed contract and the venue hire deposit fee has been paid. 


Ticket cancellation or change of venue charges will apply to those events cancelled or venues changed after tickets have gone on sale


All advertising in any collateral and/or media must include a statement regarding service fees applying to ticket sales where a ticket price at face value is included.


The hirer must ensure they communicate appropriate warnings if the show contains adult content or themes, nudity, coarse language and/or special effects including haze, smoke and strobe lighting. We advise that ticketing information should include any pertinent information such as age restrictions.


Clarence St Theatre will  supply the hirer with a comprehensive settlement report no later than 10 working days after the last event detailing total box office receipts, box office fees and charges, and including venue expenses incurred during the period of hire.

An invoice for the balance of venue expenses will be issued at this time and payment deducted from ticket takings held in trust. No settlement will be made prior to events occurring; however partial interim settlements may be made during season events.


Complimentary ticket allocations are limited. An alphabetical list of the names of people collecting complimentary tickets is to be emailed to the Box Office at least one working day prior to the performance. You will need to contact either us or Ticketek to make special arrangements for large collection lists.


As per the Theatre Hire Agreement, Clarence St Theatre Trust withholds from sale up to eight (8) tickets as House Seats. (H-Holds).

Clarence St Theatre Trust also reserves up to eight (8) seats per performance for wheelchair patrons and companions. These seats are located in row AA. They will be the last released for sale. (W-Holds).


The hirer must advise Clarence St Theatre if seats need to be held from sale for ‘technical’ purposes such as sound desk relocation, sightlines or for camera positions. (P-Holds)


Clarence St Theatre has a sound and lighting control booth permanently situated in the auditorium (at the back of the stalls under the balcony) This space is open to the auditorium and not behind glass. No seats are required to be withheld from sale for this area.

It is a requirement of Clarence St Theatre that a discussion take place prior to going on sale regarding production elements to determine if sightlines will be affected. Extra seats may be removed from sale if sightlines are deemed unsuitable for viewing.



Clarence St Theatre is a community owned venue with the objective of providing a varied, innovative and relevant programme to the region. It aims to programme or produce events that will enhance the cultural landscape of the Waikato. 

Clarence St Theatre’s programming priorities are: 

  1. Children’s theatre
  2. Local and relevant stories
  3. Māori and Pasifika
  4. Performing arts experiences that add to the vibrancy and wellbeing of the region
  5. Cultural diversity

Where possible care will be taken to ensure that no two events of a similar nature take place within four weeks of each other. In such cases, an event may be declined or offered alternate dates.  Contracted events take priority.

Clarence Street Theatre Trust must be supplied with the details, nature and title of the event within 12 months of the hire date to gain a pencil booking to ensure cohesive programming and to avoid clashes. We will consider programming any event within reason. 

Any organisations are invited to apply to hire the venue, however there is no guarantee and Clarence St Theatre is not obligated to hire the venue to any organisation, commercial or community.  In the first instance the General Manager will make all decisions in regard to programming. Should a hire request a review of their booking decision this will be escalated to a committee of Trustees. 

Clarence St Theatre is under no obligation to divulge an event to another hirer. 


What is considered commercial? 

Any activity that is undertaken to gain revenue business or commercial gain.

Hire rate

Commercial rates are at the full price of the venue hire. This may alter should a joint venture or risk share model be agreed upon. 

Clarence Street Theatre Trust will enter into joint ventures and risk share models should they be mutually acceptable. These in the first instance will be at the discretion of the General Manager. 

A deposit must be received at least 12 months prior to a booking to secure the hire. A portion of any deposit will be kept to cover any administration costs and or bookings that have been declined during the pencilled period. This may be part, or all of the deposit.  Once a contract and deposit have been received your booking will be considered confirmed. 

Should a pencil booking be challenged, the original pencil booking has five working days (or at the discretion of the General Manager) to contract the date required or it risks being contracted to the challenger. 


What is considered community? 

Any community-based organisation that is not for profit or is a registered charity. 

Hire Rate

The community rate reflects Clarence Street Theatre Trust’s intention to make as many community organisations have access to the theatre as possible while remaining sustainable. Where possible Clarence St Theatre will reduce costs to the best of their ability.  The community rate is designed to be as flexible as possible to ensure the best value for the hirer whilst still covering the costs of the venue.

A deposit must be received at least 12 months prior to a booking to secure the hire. A portion of any deposit will be kept to cover any administration costs and or bookings that have been declined during the pencilled period. This may be part or all of the deposit. At such time a signed contract and deposit have been received your booking will be considered confirmed. 

Should a pencil booking be challenged, the original pencil booking has five working days (or at the discretion of the General Manager) to contract or it risks being contracted to the challenger. 

For full terms and conditions please refer to your venue hire contract.